Instructions for Roman Candles & Bundles

Instructions for Roman Candles & Bundles

Set-up & firing for Roman Candles & Candle Bundles

Follow the directions as instructed on the fireworks warning label. Please be aware of the required safety distances for firers and spectators.

Step 1 - Place firework on flat ground and secure to a stake or post which has been inserted in to the ground (crowd side of the Candle) with strong tape or cable ties.

Candle tied to a strake

Step 2 - Locate 1st fuse, signified by the words FUSE or FIRST FUSE or by the number 1. (Note: Some fireworks now contain 2 fuses others only have 1)

Roman Candle fuse being exposed

Step 3 - Remove the orange fuse cover and if required pull fuse through clear plastic on top of the cake for easier access.

Step 4 - Ensuring no part of your body is over the firework. Standing sideways, at arm’s length light outermost end of the fuse and retire immediately to the stated distance on the firework label.


Further Advice

Angle your Roman Candles

You can create a fan of roman candles by angling the stakes. You can also create a crossing effect by angling staked roman candles so that their stars will cross mid way in flight.

Wet Weather 

You can wrap your Roman Candles & Candle Bundles in plastic, either a plastic bag or wrap in cling film. Only do this if the firework is likely to be sat out in the rain for some period before you need to light it.

Before you light the fuse cut open the plastic with a knife and follow the instructions above to lighting the firework.

What is the minimum set-up I need to do?

Not everyone has stakes, gaffer tape or cable ties to hand and although we would recommend getting these items, here are some workarounds in descending order;

  • Part bury the firework in soil (some candles have bury lines on them)
  • If you have a fence post or even a table leg or metal parasol base that you can tie the roman candle too. You can use string, wire if you don't have cable ties. Don't use sellotape as it will melt if hit by sparks.

If the firework stops part way through it's display

You have two options:

  1. If the firework has two fuses you can with EXTREME CAUTION light the second fuse. (You must be absolutely sure the firework is not smouldering.)
  2. If the firework is damaged or on fire, extinguish the fire with water or sand and leave to cool. Place in a bin bag and contact us for further instructions.

Disposing of the firework

Under no circumstances should you throw the 'dead' firework on a bonfire. There may still be unused pyrotechnics in it and it might randomly fire or explode.

A used or 'dead' firework is mostly cardboard and clay so can be put into a bin bag for the refuse service. Do not put fireworks that failed to fire in the bin, return them to us for safe disposal.


Top Tips

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