Instructions for Rockets

Instructions for Rockets

Set-up & firing for Rockets

Follow the directions as instructed on the fireworks warning label. Please be aware of the required safety distances for firers and spectators.

Step 1 - Insert launch tube into the ground or attach securely to a stake and angle slightly away from spectators. Ensure tube is secure and can not fall over.

Step 2 - Insert rocket stick into launch tube and make sure it is free to rise.

Rocket launch tube preparation

Step 3 - Remove orange fuse cap. (It is worth removing the cap well in advance of your display and putting back on, often they are glued on and can be quite hard to remove.)

Step 4 - Ensuring no part of your body is over the firework. Standing sideways, at arm’s length light outermost end of the fuse and retire immediately to the stated distance on the firework label.

Get rocket ready to light


Further Advice

Angle your Rocket Tube

Give your rocket tube a slight angle away from the audience, this will encourage it not to fly towards the audience. Rockets are erratic in flight because the long stick acts as a rudder and just because the wind at ground level is blowing one way it might be blowing in a completely different direction at 100 metres!

Wet Weather 

Do not wrap your rockets in plastic, you can put a bag over the rockets to protect them from the rain temporarily but it must be removed before lighting.

What is the minimum set-up I need to do?

Sorry, there are no shortcuts with rockets - you always need to launch them from a tube. You can use plumbing pipes (plastic or copper) if you have them.

    Essential safety checks

    Ensure your rocket head, engine and stick are all securely glued together. If anything is loose then don't fire it. If the delay fuse is loose or missing don't fire the rocket.

      Dud Rockets

      Very occasionally the internal fuse can fail and although the rocket launches it does not burst. This means the rocket head and stick will return to earth.

      It is important you make an effort to find this rocket as it still has active pyrotechnics in it. When located place in a bin bag and contact us about returning the firework for a refund and safe disposal.


      Top Tips

      More to come